It’s no secret that I love a marquee wedding. They really do offer a blank canvas (no pun intended) for couples wanting something a little more bespoke. But building a marquee isn’t a straightforward task. I’ve been on site for days, whilst teams of guys erect these incredible structures and then pull them down, ready to do it all over again the following week. From one-use carpets and power-hungry lighting, it’s easy to see how marquees could be un-environmentally friendly.


One of my favourite companies to work with is PapaKåta, who are the exclusive providers of Sperry tents and the leading Tipi company in the UK. So, I asked them what steps they are taking to become more sustainable.

Most marquee carpets are used once and then go straight to landfill… not PapaKåta’s. We use a coir effect matting (really unique, stylish and highly durable). Following an event, the matting is washed using recycled water and it’s ready to use again and again.

PapaKåta founders Amanda and Richard Monaghan made the astute decision to work with both Tentipi Tipis and Sperry® Tents. Both companies work with naturally formed materials, handmade to the highest specification. The wooden poles that create the structural supports within the tents are sustainably harvested to minimise the impact on the environment, as well as to future proof the business.

We’ve made the decision to swap to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are much more efficient (and effective) than florescent and incandescent lights, requiring less energy and therefore demand from power plants, decreasing greenhouse emissions. Importantly, there are also less breakages with LED bulbs and therefore much less waste at each and every event.

Even at PapaKåta’s home in York, we are aware of making small changes; things like keeping our warehouse lighting to a minimum, where possible being paperless – less printing and waste, and of course recycling the many milk cartons and diet coke cans essential for the working day of event planning!!!!!

We’re are moving away from gas guzzling older 4×4’s and replacing vehicles with those equipped with AdBlue in order to reduce the negative impact that mono-nitrogen oxide has on the environment.

The classic… location, location, location. There is no denying that car emissions are a top contributor to pollution. Although we are improving the way we travel around the UK, choosing a company like PapaKåta, who have bases in Scotland, the North and the South, means your dream supplier is never too far away.