Today I am talking about drink; which is another big topic and a supplier that deals with a lot of waste. So, we’ve already sorted out our sustainable catering, we’re wearing our environmentally friendly wedding dress and that gift list is looking green. But you just can’t have a wedding without a lot of free-flowing bubbles and soft alternatives…


From the Champagne that’s served during the drink’s reception, the wine to accompany dinner and the cocktails mixed for the evening reception, drink is an element of a wedding that is consumed all day and creates a large volume of waste. So how on earth can the bar be sustainable? I’ve recently worked with The Mixology Brothers, who are a trendy mixology duo whose ethos is “craftsmanship, elegance and quality… whilst keeping it green”.

Nick Shopland told me all about their philosophy and ideas for running a sustainable bar…

“Did you know it takes 200+ years for a plastic straw to decompose? Scary stuff, especially when you consider we use more than 500 million of them every day. We seek to use recyclable products wherever possible and are committed to the sustainability of our project. Single use plastics should be banned. No plastic cups or straws on the bar.

 I would urge couples to think about providing local products to cut down on the travel footprint of the drinks served. Why not celebrate where you’re from in drink form?

From my experience free bars equal increased waste. People don’t think twice about ordering a fresh drink when they’ve misplaced the last one. This can lead to an incredible amount of waste which can be prevented by running a glass in/ glass out system. Each drink is only served if the old glass is returned.

Cocktail garnishes must offer more than just visual aesthetic. Cocktail garnishes look great but consider the journey of these items from birth to bin? It’s important to treat these ingredients responsibly and with respect. With this in mind, we are moving away from pointless garnishes eg Coffee Beans on an Espresso Martini or Half Passion Fruit on a Porn Star Martini. The cocktail garnishes we do use are always considered. Left-overs do not go in the bin. Instead, they are dried for future use or are turned in to syrups and juices to be used down the line.

Use a venue that recycles. We have worked in very few UK wedding venues that recycle properly. Absolute madness. Recycling should be part of everyone’s daily life and there is no excuse for large venues not to offer this service. We recycle everything and will take rubbish off site to be recycled if the venue doesn’t offer it.

Work with Conscious Companies like us! We plant a tree each and every time we are hired, we never use single use plastic, we favour local produce, all of our bars are built from reclaimed wood, our menus are printed on recycled paper, we recycle, we up-cycle and we reuse… in fact responsibility and sustainability inform every decision we take as a business.’