Sustainable decisions don’t just stop at your wedding day and for those ethically minded couples, your gift list is a great way to raise awareness of your commitment to the environment. Highlighting to your guests your conscious decision to plan an eco-friendly wedding and encouraging guests to consciously purchase sustainable and durable gifts.


Prezola, the UK’s favourite online gift registry, told me that ‘Reducing waste and buying sustainable products is a hot topic, something you might not have considered is the fact your wedding gift list could help the environment. Our interior design experts have hand-picked the best brands and stylish products to help you do just that. Create some Scandi style with soft throws made entirely from recycled plastic bottles or add a statement piece of artwork printed on recycled paper.’

Although a honeymoon is the complete opposite of what we’re talking about and creates a huge carbon footprint, the decision to be environmentally friendly has to be right for everyone. You can’t stop living your life as you know it and go and live in a cave. Anything you can do, however small, is better than nothing. So, rather than letting your guests buy you gifts you won’t use (which is more wasteful, not to mention the single-use wrapping paper being wasted), why not ask for contributions towards your honeymoon. Similarly, ask for Air B&B vouchers to help fund your newly-wed adventures.

If you’ve lived together for a while and are really scratching your heads for gifts you really want and need, why not consider charitable donations. Make a difference to a cause you both really care about. It’s meaningful, long-lasting and personal. And Prezola now offer a way for you to set up an online collection.