We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be. Whether you are dreaming of a bright, snowy winters day or a scorching hot festival wedding, it is just one factor that can never be guaranteed.

As with all things in wedding planning, we can prepare for adverse weather conditions. We just need to make sure we plan ahead! This is particularly important if there are any outdoor elements to your wedding; you want to make sure that both you and your guests are comfortable and having fun.


Autumn, winter, spring, summer…. rain is a constant in every British season.

The first thing to do is to check your venue’s wet weather plan and have an alternative schedule if it is going to prevent you from going outside.

If rain is looking likely, you can hire umbrellas for all of your guests; we love Brolly Bucket who regularly supply us with gorgeous brollys and wicker baskets for them to be stored in on the day.

With a creative photographer, rain can produce some very memorable photos.

If you are having a country wedding and rain is on the cards then why not bring along your Hunters and get some gorgeous shots as a newly married couple cuddling up on a cold day outside!


Snow can bring a magical and cosy atmosphere to your big day. However, winter weddings do particularly need forward planning in case of adverse weather.

Consider where your guests are travelling from; this is where wedding insurance can really give you peace of mind.

Discuss snow with your venue; what their procedure is and what their access is during snowy and icy conditions. Snow may cause some guests to pull out, but you want to make sure all of your key guests are able to get there. If you are planning a winter wedding, then you could book rooms the night before as well as the night of the wedding.

Blankets on the back of chairs, or shawls for your female guests can ensure that everyone is kept cosy and comfortable.


After the summer of 2018, it is time we start considering unusually hot wedding days and how we can keep the guests cool and safe. It is important to provide shade during outside weddings, especially if you have young or elderly guests or even musicians.

Hydration is key during a heatwave – even more so at events where people are drinking alcohol. You can have bottles of water out or a water station with different infusions of water.

Fans, sun cream, hats and sunglasses can all be popped onto seats or at the ends of aisles for an outside ceremony. Guests are not as likely to be as prepared as the bride and groom!

With adverse weather you need to be flexible, as do your suppliers. Make sure you have suppliers you trust, including an adaptable and creative photographer and plan for all eventualities. Then, relax. Try not to check the weather constantly on the lead up to your day, because your day will be perfect regardless!