If you are reading a blog post about why you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner, then the chances are you are about to pop the question, or you’ve just got engaged. So, if either apply, a huge congratulations are in order! Moss Bros have asked me to pop over to their blog and introduce you to the world of wedding planning; which let’s be honest, probably doesn’t sound that appealing but stick with me…

Your engagement should be exciting and fun but it can become overwhelming and stressful. Some people love the idea of planning their own wedding but if you have no experience in events, have a young family or have a busy career then perhaps a wedding planner could be for you! You may even be asking yourself “do I need a wedding planner” or even “why do I need a wedding planner”.

I had written a long essay about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, as it’s a topic I am hugely passionate about, but I realised you’ll fall asleep half way through. My husband’s response to our wedding planning was “what ever you want”, “how much does it cost” and “let’s add more booze!”. Does that sound familiar?

Planning a wedding is by no means an easy task. I have made a successful career out of planning peoples weddings and I only take on a handful of clients each year due to the sheer amount of time it takes. So, for a couple to be tackling seating plans and supplier contracts whilst juggling either family or work life, the thought of planning a wedding can be incredibly daunting.

If you think about it, your wedding day will most probably be the biggest and most expensive party you will ever host. But this party isn’t a straight forward dinner party! Oh no! This party may have multiple locations, with potentially hundreds of guests and a long list of suppliers to orchestrate. A party stretching over a full day with different components, a tight schedule and lots going on!

For many, hiring a professional is an easy decision to make. So, to keep it short and sweet the three mains reasons why you might want to consider hiring a wedding planner are; they can save you timemoney and stress


Hiring a professional planner is a little bit like having a bridal personal assistant on hand throughout your engagement. Reading contracts, completing booking forms, chasing guests that haven’t rsvp’d, creating schedules etc and then assisting with the set up and clear down; a planner can carry out a vast array of tasks that are a little tedious, a tad boring and incredibly time consuming. Allowing you to catch up on Netfilx rather than spending your evenings doing “wedmin”.


Pulling off a perfectly planned and beautifully styled wedding can be quite stressful, especially if you haven’t got any experience of planning. There are an awful lot of components to consider, a huge amount of cross-checking and lots of details to remember. Creating a picture of your wedding day isn’t as straight forward as deciding what you want and booking it. There are so many details, logistics and timings to consider. Your planner will have experience of the industry and will know what will work and what wont, will be able to problem solve, will know what to book and when to book it and will know to cross check everything to ensure nothing is missed. In addition to a stress-free engagement they will also assist with the set up and clear down of your wedding and will coordinate the whole day itself, meaning you guys can relax and fully enjoy the day, without having to sort out anything that may crop up.


So, if you didn’t think saving you time and stress was worth it’s weight in gold, perhaps the thought of financial management, discounts and cost savings might intrigue you! For those people who just see the big picture and think it’s daft to spend money on a planner when that could be spent elsewhere you should definitely keep reading… In addition to the time and stress we save you and predominantly your other half (imagine how calm and easy your life could be with a wedding planner assisting your partner!), we can actually be financially beneficial.

I didn’t have a wedding planner when I got married. I plucked a figure out of my head when I started my planning and not knowing what a wedding was going to cost I ended up doubling it. Now, I need to add that I got married before I became a professional wedding planner, so I was inspired to set up a business to help other couples avoid the mistakes I made. If I had spent a little on a planner I could have saved thousands by having them manage my spending. I always start the process by talking about the budget; you can’t spend what you haven’t got, and I strongly advise my clients to plan their finances first before we commit to anything.

Next – discounts! A lot of suppliers offer my clients discounts for booking through me; which they wouldn’t be able to get going direct. We also have an extensive recommended supplier list so can put forward an incredible range of suppliers at different price points; a far better selection than you’ll get from carrying out an internet search for going to a wedding fare – which let’s face it, you can’t be bothered to be dragged around on your day off!

And finally, our experience and knowledge of the industry also means we know what you need and don’t necessarily need. We have ways to achieve your dream wedding in a more cost-effective way and we can search for the best prices for you before you buy!

If I have successfully inspired you to consider a planner for your wedding, I have a few final pieces of wisdom to pass on: do your research on wedding planners before you book one. Request testimonials, have a look at their portfolio’s and even meet them. You are going to work closely with this person for the duration of your engagement, so you need to not only trust them, but you need to also like them.

And finally, in the UK, wedding planners aren’t audited, so please make sure you book an experienced one. Visit the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners website who have a directory of professional companies who have been pre-vetted and selected as members. It’s a great way to find talented, reliable and awesome planners to create your dream wedding day.

Photograph by Matt Brown