Planning a wedding, no matter how small or uncomplicated, is still a big undertaking. And even if you are in the events industry or have a job that requires planning and organisational skills, there are typically a few things couples overlook when planning their own wedding. These 5 things seam to be the most common oversights I see when coming on board to provide Rescue Planning or On the Day Coordination….


Let me tell you about the morning of my wedding (9 years ago this year!!). My Dad had said he was going to get fresh pastries from the bakery in the morning for all us girls. Well, we got up, the hairdressers arrived… no breakfast! So one of my bridesmaids offered to pop out. I did my own makeup and in the hustle and bustle of 5 girls, 3 hair stylists and bags of makeup everywhere I forgot to eat. Not to worry, my sister had actually pre-planned some lunch nibbles so we wouldn’t get hungry. The doorbell went, my flowers arrived, the photographer turned up, my Aunt and Uncle popped in! I ran upstairs to have a 15 minute bath to cool down and freshen up. But then I had to get into my dress, have a few posed photographs. My Grandmother knocked on the door wanting to ask ME (why not my sister!) if her fascinator was on straight. Oh look at the time! I’ve got to leave for Church. That was breakfast missed and lunch missed. My next “meal” were a few canapes mid afternoon; but I don’t remember having many as I had to speak to guests and have group photographs.

Keeping your energy levels up is so important, so why don’t you task one of your wedding party or your planner to order in a M&S sandwich platter, a bowl of fruit and water for everyone. And pre-plan your morning schedule to take 15 minutes out to relax, enjoy a bite to eat and not rush!


You’ve invested in that beautiful guest book but in the long list of things to remember, pens can easily be forgotten. I always carry a few extra “nice” black ballpoint pens on me just in case. But on the same topic as “guest book”, a lot of couples are now going for more inventive ways to gather guests messages. A fingerprint to form a tree – don’t forget to provide some makeup wipes so your guests can clean their thumb afterwards. Or Polaroid camera’s; really fun and very popular, and this may just be the neat freak in me, but provide a little bin for all the film packaging so your guest book table remains presentable throughout the day.


One of the first weddings I ever coordinated almost 7 years ago taught me to always carry my spare cake knife. I rounded all the guests up to watch the cutting of the cake and … oh! Where was the cake knife? I had to run and grab a dinner knife! When cake designers make a wedding cake, they will often hire out a cake stand but a cake knife is’t included and it’s so easily forgotten. Especially if you are getting married at home in a marquee; you may not own a fancy cake knife. So lesson learnt! Always remember the cake knife!


It’s a really easy thing to forget but when you send out your wedding invitations, remember to ask your guests if they have any dietary requirements. It is very important that your caterer knows of any allergies, intolerance’s and special meal provisions. Especially if, for example, you have a guest with an air born nut allergy; all steps will be taken to prevent any traces of nuts entering site.


Your wedding day is the most important and lavish party you will ever throw. You’ve spent months or years in the planning. And it is all over withing 24 hours. The day itself will go by so quickly, that you’ll blink and it’s bed time. With the excitement, so many guests to speak to and a fast paced schedule, it is really important you factor in a few short breaks for you and your other half to step away, look around and take it all in. This will help to ensure you two spend some time together on the day, as it is very easy to go off and chat to a family member and get separated for the majority of the reception. But it will also enable you to take a snap shot of that moment to help you remember your day. My wedding day went so fast, I can’t really remember much. But I do remember the time in the car on the way to the reception and I remember late evening, we found each other, went to get some evening food and sat down together to “look over” our party.

Photograph by Gina Dover Jaques