The day in the life of a wedding planner

The Big Day

06:00 Up, shower, breakfast, sort my baby girl out and make a cuppa to take with me.

08:00 I started my day by going to visit my bride. I had had a lesson in car ribbon the day before so it was my job to tie ribbon to the car. I checked in on my bride to make sure she was happy and calm.

10:00 I got to the venue where I met the cake bakers who were assembling the amazing cake. I also finished setting up the gift table with my gift, pens for the guest book and set up the confetti bar.

11:15 I set up the sound system and projector in the ceremony room to make sure it was all going to work… luckily it did

11:30 I had a quick break – tea and an energy bar

11:45 I set up the garden games and deck chairs outside of the marquee and met the bouncy castle and dove guy.

12:15 My groom arrived at the venue so I got his a coffee and handed him his gift from his future wife

12:30 Guests began to arrive

13:10 I got my groom into a private meeting with the Registrar and went outside to meet my bride who had arrived

13:20 My groom went and took his place in the ceremony room whilst my bride had her meeting with the Registrar

13:25 I had a final run through with the Bridesmaids and Flower girls about which order they would go 

13:35 I took my place and started Canon in D for my bride to make her way up the aisle

14:15 (during the ceremony I operated the projector which had the Order of Service on and my bride and groom’s promises on) After the ceremony I ushered guests outside for a group photo where the newlyweds released 2 Doves and guests then threw confetti.

14:30 Whilst the photographers organised more group photographs, I made sure everything was OK in the marquee, arranged for my bride and groom to have a cocktail and canapés taken to them and cleared up the ceremony room, with the help of the team at the venue

15:00 My bride loves horses and had wanted a horse drawn cart so she could have photo’s. Because of her electric wheelchair this had been one of the items they had chopped off their wish list. I kept it a secret (especially in case I couldn’t arrange it but luckily I did,) I had managed to find a lady who owned horses to come down to surprise her. When I went to tell her to look on the other side of the garden all of her guests started oo-ing and ahh-ing but she couldn’t see… and then her face lit up. She was so excited and she was able to have the photo’s she wanted and got to stroke the horses – all 3 of them!

16:00 A guest frantically came up to me asking for an iphone charger… 5 minutes later I came back with 2, and old one and a new one!

16:15 I began to ask the guests to take their seats in the marquee ready for dinner

16:45 We were about to announce my bride and groom into the marquee but unfortunately one of their guests was taken ill. We got an ambulance out and I let guests know what was happening and asked them to be patient whilst we looked after him – they were all fantastic and started eating the sweets from the sweet cart to keep them going before dinner

17:15 I instructed my groom’s Best Woman to announce the newlywed couple in

17:30 My bride and groom wanted to both do a speech and to do it before dinner as they were so nervous, so again, I operated the projector so guests at the back could follow what they were saying

18:15 Dinner stared – I used this opportunity to pack away the garden games, topped up the sweet cart as guests had already started enjoying them

18:45 I had a hot meal and a break whilst guests were having dessert and coffee

19:00 A guest quietly came up to me to let me know another guest had had an accident and we had to get another ambulance out. One of The venues coordinators stayed with her whilst I went back to keep the wedding on schedule

19:15 I went around the tables asking guests to be seated for the other speeches

19:30 Whilst the speeches we taking place I met the DJ who was setting up and checked on the cake – the marquee was so hot the figurines were beginning to droop so I worked my magic.

19:50 I was called over to the top table where my bride presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say thank you 

20:00 We kicked off the dancing – I packed away the deck chairs outside

20:30 The chocolate fountain arrived and the photo booth fun studio was set up

21:00 My bride and groom cut their cake and started the Karaoke off 

21:20 I asked guests to make their way outside for the fireworks

21:30 I helped the waiting staff clear tables 

22:00 I handed out wedding cake to the guests and boxed up the rest for my bride and groom to take home

22:45 I packed away the sweet stand, got all of my bride and groom’s gifts together and arranged for these to be locked away in their car (as they were leaving shortly) and I made sure my car was packed

23:30 I went to say goodbye to my bride and groom and had a dance with the father of the bride

23:50 I left the venue… there were roadwork’s happening and the Sat Nav hadn’t been updated so it took my down a road that was closed, so I had to turn around and go another way. At the end of a day you just want to get home!

01:00 Ahh bed!


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