Not many people know the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator… Most venues will have coordinators to oversee your booking and the day itself. Venue coordinators will look after the elements of their venue but won’t get involved in planning your wedding.

Some venues do have in house wedding planners. But predominantly planners are independent and work in conjunction with your venue.
A planner covers tasks such as design and styling, budget management, supplier and venue searching, guest list management, supplier liaising, logistics and time planning, will also help set ups, clear downs and will coordinate your day – alongside the venues coordinator. Your planner pretty much does all the jobs that are time consuming and stressful! And on the day looks after you, oversees the logistics of your day and ensures all the tasks the venue wouldn’t necessarily get involved in are done.
You work with your planner from early on in your engagement and have regular planning meetings. Because they get to know you very well and understand your wedding vision, they can help to relay this to your suppliers when you might struggle to explain your ideas.
Attending all or most of your supplier meetings and consultations means they can assist with the details and problem solve on the spot! As they know the big picture of your day, they will know what will work, what won’t and how best to plan things.

I absolutely love my job: planning, styling and building lasting relationships with my clients. I love it when they get excited after every meeting, when they thoroughly enjoy their planning and especially relax on their wedding day.
A wedding takes a huge amount of planning and my aim is to ensure my brides and grooms, brides and brides or grooms and grooms have a stress free engagement; other than the family dramas that can occur – I can’t help there! But I do listen when my clients need to let off some steam :)


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