“But I want to plan my wedding myself; why would I want a wedding planner? ”

“But I want to plan my wedding myself; why would I want a wedding planner? ”

I hear this a lot & there is still a common misconception that wedding planners charge around with their headset on, shouting at the guests & telling the Bride & Groom what to do; we aren’t in an American movie! Even my Dad, who got married recently, had said to me he hadn’t asked for my help to begin with because he thought I would tell them what to have & spend all his money! Now as a daughter, this may be the case but as his wedding planner, this couldn’t be further from the truth…

I walked down the aisle before my wedding planning days & messed it up all on my own, so I can speak from experience. Being a creative director and a Bridal PA, I am able to design beautiful events whilst working alongside my couples to guide them through the planning. From the get go, we have regular meetings so my clients are still in full control; I am just able to ensure we are keeping to a structured timeline, that we stick to their budget, find reputable & suitable suppliers for their requirements, carry out time consuming communications with suppliers and vendors, analyse contracts, problem solve, come up with ideas my clients may not have thought about,  supervise the venue set up & coordinate the day; just to name a few!

A lot of couples are confused about the concept of paying for a planner, “why would we spend the money on a planner when we could put that towards something else?” or “our parents are helping us so we don’t need a wedding planner”. Not only in my professional experience but in my personal experience I can vouch for the appointing an experienced planner; it can be a life line! A lot has changed since our parents tied the knot and the money a planner can save you can often outweigh their charges. Just a few of the benefits are:

Suppliers are more likely to offer discounts to planners which we forward straight on to you

We have a vast catalogue of suppliers so know the most reputable and cost effective company for the job

This my planning process I ensure we start off by tackling the money – what is your dream wedding? what budget do you have? is your budget realistic? how can we create your dream wedding without over spending?

We are a perfect way to off load the boring, time consuming tasks, freeing up your time to sit on Pinterest

With our knowledge & experience of the industry we can help you plan a perfectly organised & unique wedding

We’ve probably seen a lot so know how to problem solve and preempt issues that may occur


And by all means bring your planning team along to our meetings so your loved ones can be involved. Remember, a wedding planner isn’t here to take over; we can’t help plan your wedding without your guidance. I offer FREE consultations for me to introduce myself and talk more about the planning process. So if you are looking for a wedding planner in Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire get in touch: hello@nataliehewitt.co.uk | 07969 066 117 | www.nataliehewitt.co.uk/contact


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