Engagements Shoots: Why you should have one!

I was so excited when my twin sister got engaged; the incredible supplier portfolio I have built over the years meant she was always going to have a top class wedding team and I could not wait to get designing and planning her dream wedding.

When the awesome Ben Appleby from HBA Photography put out a request for models so he could try out some new techniques, I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer my sister and her other half. I thought it would be a wonderful way to commemorate their engagement but let’s just say I wasn’t in their good books when we found out it was going to be a sunrise shoot on a very cold December morning! As I wasn’t the one braving the elements, I can happily say it was totally worth it because these photo’s are incredible. But I wanted this experience to be beneficial to them both! Mark, openly admitting he’s camera shy (as most men are) meant he had prior experience being photographed before his big day and they were both able to work out what worked well for them whilst being photographed.

A lot of photographers include pre-wedding photo shoots in their packages and do you know why? Essentially, all three of you can have a practice run in front of the camera to ensure your wedding day photo’s are on point! Every couple are different; some people are naturals in front of the camera, some… not so much. But having an engagement shoot allows you to get used to the camera and also your photographer. From a photographers point of view, they get to know you, work out what works best and what doesn’t, they can work out the best ways to relax you and get the best out of you on the day and allows them to start building their relationship with you early on.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what my sister, Fiona has to say about why this shoot was beneficial (and yes Fiona and I look exactly the same, this isn’t me posing with another man)…

Fiona: “We’ve never had a photo shoot before and the thought of posing in front of a stranger was quite embarrassing. But Ben made us feel relaxed from the moment we met him. He was brilliant at guiding and directing us which was great because we had no idea what would look good. We have just received the finished pictures and we love them and can’t stop looking at them. It’s been a good practice run for our wedding so we won’t be caught out on the big day and now know what to expect. We now what looks good and have a clearer vision for what we want to achieve with our photos.”


Photography by HBA Photography 

Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-4Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-7 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-11 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-15 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-19 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-21 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-22 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-35 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-36 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-38 Fiona and Mark Engagement Shoot - HBA Photography-42



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