Happy Anniversary to me!

6 years ago today I walked down the aisle and said “I Do” to my best friend and partner in crime. I love reminiscing each year and looking back over my wedding photographs but this year I thought I would share them with you too. It was such a cold day and a few things didn’t go to plan but it was one of the most amazing days of my life…

Photography by | David Lowerson


Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_045 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_047 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_062 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_066 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_072 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_088Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_119 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_149 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_157 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_161 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_188 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_192 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_196 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_198 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_284 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_320_1 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_321 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_330 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_333 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_341 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_359 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_361 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_364 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_367 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_368 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_375 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_383 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_393 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_430 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_443 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_452 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_463 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_472 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_482 Nat_&_Ben_W17_10_488

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