Well over a year ago now, I had the idea to do something called Nat’s Supplier Challenge. I love my job and the creative industry I work in. As a wedding planner, I need to have a broad understanding of every suppliers role. Over the years, I have met and worked with some of the most incredibly talented suppliers and have had the absolute pleasure of becoming good friends with many of them.

So the idea behind the challenges are:

  • I get to showcase the amazing suppliers I know and love
  • I satisfy my creative flare by having a go at what they do
  • I’m learning even more about their individual area of expertise
  • I am absolutely going to have loads of fun
  • I get to explain what is involved in that supplier creating your dream wedding

So keep watching my blog and social media for the challenges I embark on and find out if they are challenge successes or fails. And if you are a supplier and want to give me a lesson in your field and let me have a go at what you do… challenge me and bring it on!!!! #natssupplierchallenge

Nats supplier challnge

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