The Wedding Industry Awards Feedback

Here’s just a few of the incredible things my brides have said about me whilst voting for me in The Wedding Industry Awards…


Natalie was absolute god send at our wedding: No job was too much for her and she was so helpful and lovely to have around. Even our guests commented on how great she was. I would mark Natalie down for 11 on the last question if I had the option!
Mrs Fiona Jewitt

“We were comfortable with most aspects of the wedding planning, but needed a little extra help to ensure the day went smoothly. We wanted someone’s support in the lead up to the wedding and on the day. The main reason for this was because we were getting married at home, we didn’t want my mum getting stressed and distracted with suppliers on the day. Having contacted a number of Wedding Planners, Natalie’s website really stood out as
professional, fun and fresh. On our 1st meeting, she impressed us with her can-do attitude and thorough process. She immediately showed me how she could help and struck me as someone who would be a great support dealing/co-ordinating suppliers but also would be warm and friendly with our guests on the day. On booking Natalie, I hadn’t realised just how helpful Natalie would be and quickly realised she was worth every penny. She even stayed
late at our wedding to book taxis for all our guests as we were in deep in the countryside and worried people would be sleeping in the marquee if we didn’t. I would have no hesitation in recommending Natalie; she’s really lovely to work with, supportive but doesn’t take over and very professional.”
Mrs Fiona Jewitt


Having Natalie on our “team” with her style and class was priceless. We tasked Natalie to assist us with on-the-day co-ordination, yet she went above and beyond this with unlimited guidance and advice in the run up to the day. As I am sure is the case with any wedding there were plenty of hiccups during the morning which Natalie managed to completely sort out without my or my husband’s knowledge. I was so relaxed, all through the day and night, because of her. We cannot thank Natalie enough!
Mrs Kate Hollyer (Treanor)

Having a wedding reception at my parents’ home was daunting for all family members. We had never hosted such a large amount of people or held such a big party there before. Having Natalie – someone who exudes professionalism and for whom no task is too big or small – gave us the conviction to believe it could be fantastic and the experience and skills to make the reality even better. The fact that Natalie, refreshingly, is a ‘Bridal PA’ rather than a ‘Wedding Planner’ meant that we could pick and choose where we wanted help.
Mrs Kate Hollyer (Treanor)



Natalie was amazing from the first day I met her, putting me at ease to the day when she was irreplaceable. There were various issues I found out about only now, on the day I didn’t know anything. Natalie dealt with it all so well. You never saw Natalie stressing she had everything in hand and kept is very much to time without appearing stressed with 200 guest to keep on time!!
Mrs Lara Edwards


In a conservative rural area, being a gay couple wanting a unique wedding makes finding a good fit for a wedding planner a nightmare. My wife and I planned to have a steampunk silent movie wedding in the Kinema in the Woods, the oldest standing cinema in the UK. Natalie immediately clicked with us and seemed as excited, if not more, by our ideas. She made our dreams come to life. One of our guests even said it was the most magical day of his life – and it wasn’t even his wedding.
Mrs Rachel Lindley-Maycock

Natalie is inordinately efficient and enthusiastic, with fresh ideas and an eye for detail. More than that, she is genuinely thrilled and excited to make other people’s biggest moments come to life. It was that sincerity and caring energy that made my wife and I choose her immediately after our first meeting with her.
Mrs Rachel Lindley-Maycockrachel-and-sarah


Natalie really helped with the last minute confirmation of bookings. She kept me calm on the day and made sure that everything ran smoothly. She was also a really useful source of advice regarding all things wedding-related.
Dr Helen Bartels (Reade)


Our wedding was at Thrumpton Hall in May 2015. The wedding was an excessively complex wedding. We had over 100 guests as well as bouncy castles, fireworks, dove releases, garden games, live video links, and absolutely everything. In addition to this, the bride and groom were wheelchair users along with about ten other guests. Many other Wedding Planners would say this it not their expertise whereas Natalie would simply actively think about how to remove barriers. For example, the groom had a speech impairment. Therefore, Natalie sourced a projector so that people could read out the speech as he was speaking it. We found Natalie after a former WP left due to family illness. We sincerely hope that the other WP’s relative has recovered, but we feel that Natalie has made our wedding truly special. Natalie’s work ethic is to plan every second of that day. She considers every flower, every decoration, every guest needs, every bit of your wedding is planned. After this, she then plans for if each bit goes wrong. The depth of Natalie’s thought process is truly sensational. Then, you have costs. Natalie haggles every supplier to get you the best possible deal. If you want a big fancy wedding then you probably find that having Natalie actually saves you money. Seriously, if you want your special day to be special, Natalie Hewitt is your person.
Mrs Dawn Kelly Khairule Rogers


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