How to give a great wedding speech

I’ve heard a fair few wedding speeches in my time and some have been awesome… some not so much! So here are a few quick tips to ensure your speech will be remembered (and for the right reason).

ONE: keep it reasonably short. Guests will get bored if they have to sit too long. And remember your speech isn’t the only one they have to listen to.

TWO: don’t have too many drinks to calm the nerves before hand. I know it’s nerve racking but you have the privilege of giving this speech at such an important day. You should know some, if not most of the guests. And just direct your speech to the bride or groom if you really can’t talk to the room.
THREE: have notes with you but don’t read from them. Practice your speech a number of times the week leading up to the wedding so you know pretty much what you want to say. And it doesn’t matter if you forget the next line. It’s not the end of the world if you need to pause, catch up on your lines and carry on.

FOUR: breath, talk loudly and clearly. You are less likely to make a mistake if you take your time.

FIVE: don’t forget to raise your toast, say something heart felt and thank or praise the relevant people.

SIX: make your speech fun, romantic, anecdotal but not rude! No personal / private jokes, nothing crude or offensive and please no mention of previous relationships!!!! Now is not the time to bring up ex lovers!!!

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